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Issue 07:08:04 - August 27, 2007


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Welcome back to the RodsandWheels e-magazine. This week we finish up The Worlds Best Engine Series with a profile of the Chevy small block street rod and its amazing engines. Then, car buyers sit in the "lap of luxury" with the 1962 Cadillac- part 1.

Next, kick back in a classic or modern Chevrolet at the Chevy Club (CC) of North America in Chicago, Illinois. And lastly, we profile a car with a new and innovative design the 1971 Buick Riviera. Until next week,

See Ya Under the Hood,

Paul H. Green

Profile of the Chevy small block street rod and its amazing engines

The names "Hot Rod" and "Street Rod" pertain to the engine cam and customizing of cars to enhance appearance and performance. Bright paint was sometimes used to customize the rods such as Candy Apple Red, Canary Yellow, or bright red with flamed patterns. The name was adopted due to the "hopping up" cam modification for higher performance, and also for weight reduction modifications with the removal and/or replacement of the hood, roof, windshield, brakes, steering, bumpers, fenders, etc.

Also, by lowering, tuning, modification, and transmission or engine replacement hot rod builders would add more power, or by changing the tires or wheels, have better handling and traction. The Rod era lasted from 1930 through 1965, when either the low vintage-tin supply or newer vehicles were factory-equipped with better speed and power with little or no modifications required. Chevrolet Rods were the Chevelle, Camaro and Corvette models. Hot Rod construction required mechanical welding and automotive bodywork and painting.

The Rods used small block V-8 engines. The original small block design remained unchanged during its production run, beginning in 1955 in passenger vehicles through 2003.

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Car buyers sit in the “lap of luxury” with the 1962 Cadillac - Part 1

In 1962, Cadillac released a finely-crafted car with refinements and engineering improvements that would give buyers the luxury they wanted with the added benefit of relaxing comfort. Every line and detail of the Cadillac shouted “lavish.” Drivers experienced quietness with a smoother power plant and improved insulation. We’ll see below what made the 1962 Cadillac models so special.

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Kick back in a classic or modern Chevrolet at the Chevy Club (CC) of North America in Chicago, Illinois

From the early 1900s when Chevrolet Motor Company of Michigan introduced its “Classic Six” automobile to the year 2002 when the Corvette celebrated its 50th Anniversary and even now, Chevrolet cars, trucks, vans and SUVs have been some of the most popular automobiles in history. That’s why the folks at the Chevy Club (CC) of North America in Chicago, Illinois appreciate and celebrate all Chevy models of today and yesteryear.

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1971 Buick Riviera: Buick announces “all-new” Riviera

In 1971, Buick wanted to offer something entirely new to Buick fans. The innovative Riviera design was meant to represent a new set of values for the buyer. It had classic lines that would set the stage for years to come. This year the Riviera came with subtle, but significant, style refinements and engineering changes, but without sacrificing quality.

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