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Issue 07:02:04 - February 26, 2007


What's the issue?

Welcome to our final February issue! We begin this week part two of our two part story on the 1974 Chevrolet Suburban. Next we look at the "star of the forward look," the 1959 Plymouth station wagon.

The 1973 Chevrolet Monte Carlo was new and redesigned. Read our profile for more on this Motor Trend "Car of the Year." Finally, remember the American Motors Corporation with the folks from the AMC Rambler Club. Until next week,

See Ya Under the Hood,

Paul H. Green

Profile of the 1974 Chevrolet Suburban - part 2

The Chevrolet Suburban was one of the first truck/wagon-combined vehicles to hit the market. This is part two of our look at this sturdy vehicle.

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1959 Plymouth station wagon: Big and beautiful

The 1959 Plymouth station wagons were big and offered comfort for the driver and passengers. They were advertised as the "Star of the Forward Look" and were perfect for big families or those who just wanted plenty of room. With more modern features, more space and more safety-power, the Plymouths this year were way ahead of other vehicles that cost thousands of dollars more.

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A profile of the 1973 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

A new, redesigned Chevrolet Monte Carlo was introduced in 1973. This year, the Monte Carlo was a pillared coupe in lieu of the previous hardtop. Features included frameless door glass and opera side windows.

New style features included an egg crate grill with dual headlights and a Monte Carlo emblem on the front. Above the rear bumper, the car sported vertical taillights. The front 5-mph bumper followed the mandate of the federal safety standards for all passenger cars that were sold in the United States. Basic all-coil suspension and body on-frame construction was carried over from previous years.

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Remembering the American Motors Corporation at the AMC Rambler Club

Frank and Elaine Wenick founded the American Motors Rambler Club in 1980. The club was established to promote and encourage the collection, preservation and restoration of vehicles produced between 1958 and 1969 by the American Motors Corporation (AMC). The club impels its members to collect and preserve all printed information that is related to these cars.

Between 1958 and 1969, the Rambler name appeared exclusively on cars produced by American Motors. The name Hudson and Nash had been dropped in 1958. The name Rambler had first been used in 1902. It was last used in 1969.

American Motors Corporation went through a time of transition between 1958 and 1969. This affected the course of the Company’s future. The cars produced during these years are very significant to American Motor’s history.

The AMC Rambler Club consists of a group of volunteers who assist members in finding advice, parts and service to keep Ramblers on the roads of America. The cars produced between the aforementioned years are a significant part of the company’s history.

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